graphika manila 2010

Well, it's another year for Graphika Manila and it was awesome-sauce.

While it was my second time to host and facilitate the event, I was shaky and nervous like a leaf. You got to admit people, this year's crowd is MASSIVE. And the mere thought got me all jittery and have me breaking into cold sweat on and off. Luckily my co-host (and friend) Rico, is there to keep me calm...he is cooler and calmer than me, and to think it was his first time to host~! After the event, a lot of people asked if he's a DJ by profession....naku ah, may fans kaagad. XD

The speakers were wonderful, but I was particularly taken by Danny Yount. His incredible work got me all blown away. Part of that is because I see Patrick in him. The Work-ethic, mannerism, his personal history and even the way he just keeps to himself, choosing people he likes to interact/talk with him.

After his spiel, I managed to have a small chat with him along with Rico and expressed how I now fully understood what the boyfriend is going through. Haha you could say I had a fangirl moment, but it was more on expressing how I admire people like him and it made me realize that with or without a school degree, unless you allow yourself to IMMERSE in 'the craft' wholly and give your full dedication, you cannot and will not progress to where YOU WANT TO BE. The boyfriend once showed me his website a couple of months prior to the event and I can now say that he is, who he is. The epitome of SIMPLENG MALUPET.

Arnold and Cynthia Arre well all I can say about them is "Finally." Thanks for sharing your tips with us. You guys are incredibly sweet. And, may I stress.....I am so so glad Andong Agimat doesn't have those creepy eyes.

Phunk Studio are so cool..and I love their history. They combined their love for music and art and created a beautiful monster, and I wish them for another fulfilling 10 years. Rock and Roll all night and party everyday. I got all excited when I found out that they're the ones who did the opening title for MTV SCREEN back in MTV Asia early 2000's

Underground Logic made me remember the days of my freelance stints in advertising. Most of their spiel got me muttering: "Hay, i know how THAT feels."

Tara McPherson is a cutie. She looks just like her paintings. She is quirky to talk to and I'm glad I got to see her stuff up close. Her boyfriend is cool too...

Avid/Rocketsheep Post, what a way to cap off the speakers portion! He is all over the place, funny, energetic and even with a moment of technical booboo, he is just being his overly fun self. People gravitate toward him, and I look forward for Saving Sally (hopefully as soon as possible?).

It was a bummer nga lang that we had to cut off the Q&A portion...but we were lucky and we found questions from the audience that is 'tumpak' for all of the speakers. We were running out of time and we can only squeeze in so much. But it was good to hear from them on bits and snippets of their experiences. Hopefully next year, we will have a longer Q&A segment.

Apple iPad Grand Prize Giveaway: Epic Win. My cohost and I were floored when we saw the list of prizes that the organizers handed to us. And when we announced it, my gas.....the audience's energy just MULTIPLIED.

...Steve Jobs, you are such a pied piper...but THANK YOU.

To the lucky person who won it yesterday...I envy you.

I am glad and happy for the organizers for putting up such a great event. The people are incredibly supportive and cool to be with. It was wonderful seeing old friends and former coworkers who are just as equally supportive and excited to be in a place where like-minded and passionate people gather and share their experiences to us. Some we know, but most we learned from on that day alone. I can't wait for next year...and I hope it will only get better and better.


Working, Wishing and Waiting

I tend to forget the things I 'lust' for. Be it clothes, shoes, a gadget, accessories or a place I want to go. So. I decided to put together a short but sweet visual wish list that I can go back to and be reminded on the things I should be working for...and that I can tick it off once I finally (and I stress the word FINALLY) attain it.

This is actually another way for me to avoid impulse buy. (I'm looking at you Auntie Christel. Teehee.)

Yes, I'm OC that way. My birthday has already passed so this is like a list of things I would prolly work into through the year......or until I decided to make another list...

Did I mentioned I love black and white? Just saying.

(Click on the name of each item for more product information)

2 of the items listed are already obtained...am just waiting for the other one. But it's so exciting having to organize my thoughts for once..and get my spending in check. Retail Therapy is love.

Do you guys keep a wish list? And how dedicated are you in keeping it?



A.L.I.C.E. (All Loves Intimate Cake Eater)

I have always been weirded out on Disney's version of Alice in Wonderland, with all the cutesy, vintage, classic look that epitomizes the more simpler, prim and proper times. The fashion itself is the quintessential victorian conservative...aprons, full skirts and ribbons on hair. It was trippy in some areas, like with the caterpillar with a hookah and getting all high as evident by the shifting, twisting and warping of colors. The Red Queen of Hearts is just plain crazy. And I get a hoot just watching the Card Soldiers topple on each other.

Now, with Tim Burton's version, I am not weirded out by it...in fact, I am EXCITED by it. Woot.

Tim Burton has always been a favorite director of mine...and Johnny Depp's one of my favorite actors. I am always always excited when these two collaborate on a film together, it triggered a sense of urgency that I SHOULD watch it...no matter what.

Simple reason is because whatever Tim and Johnny are sniffing or drinking on, I want to get on it.

First, are the costumes. The fashion is goth and dark...the sets/environment is a mixture of acid and candy sweeten with absinthe. I love their take on Victorian fashion, sprinkled with Burton's trademark twist.

The characters are the usual misfits that Tim uses in his films...his muses, wife Helena Bonham Carter, friend and fellow artiste/friend Johnny Depp, along with a new PYT (pretty young thing) Mia Wasikowska, as the new and improved Alice. What surprised me is that Anne Hathaway is also cast in the film, as I have never seen her as the Tim Burton-ish film muse type. But hey, don't get me wrong, variety's good.

Oh, it's a visual feast just by looking at the trailers and posters, the casts are a hoot to watch and, knowing how Tim Burton tells a story, it will be a fun ride.

BUT what a PLUS PLUS coincidence that the day of the Alice in Wonderland Movie Philippines' Premiere is on March 4 2010, which is, coincidentally, the day of my Birthday..that makes it a double treat. So yes, this is one of the moments where I can have my cake and eat it too.

For more info, and a chance to WIN this wonderful, limited original replica of the White Rabbit's pocket watch as seen below:

Isn't it a beauty?

Please visit blogger extraordinaire AZRAEL in his Merryland (click HERE) to find out how!

That is, if the Mad Hatter don't get to it first.

Chasing the White Rabbit,


Anticipate Weekend

Hay, days go by so fast. It's amazing.

So what's to look forward to this weekend?

An Art Fair at a beautiful park in the middle of the Makati CBD. A plethora of talent and unique merchandise awaits. Installations, bazaars and film showings galore.

Nihongo Fiesta at SM Mall of Asia. Shonen Knife will be playing! (My gas how long has it been since Banana Chips?) A Japanese Street Style Fashion Contest to be judged by Cecile Zamora-Van Straten and Jujin Samonte along with their Fashion Photography Exhibit curated by Team Manila. And more contests! Go here for more info.

Uhh....Pass. But for those with kiligness with John Cuenca, then this is for you. Mall of Asia, 6pm.

Quoting Chuvaness: "Can I just be a Manananggal for the day?"

Same here madam...same here.


Busy Bees

Midweek again.

How time flies so fast.

DG and I have been busy for the past weeks. We are moving to a new routine soon so we are extremely bustling about with meetings and some personal matters that needed taking care of.

What kept us busy:

- Our Day/Night Jobs: In our respective jobs, there are respective changes. But no worries, these changes are good. It keeps us busy and sane. Plus we feed off information from each other, so there is something new to learn everyday.

- Hitched Season: This is the year when our friends are getting engaged or married...one by one. On our end, we have stocked up on blazers, LBDs and formal shoes just so we are prepared. Last Saturday was a hoot...I had to buy a dress, a feathered fascinator headband, some formal shoes and the wedding gift at the mall, all those hours before the actual ceremony. I didn't bother to do the 'heavy make up' look anymore. Word of the wise: Never Panic Buy for a wedding.

- Drawing: I've been trying to spend some time OUTSIDE the laptop and just start drawing on pen and paper again. I bought some brush pens recently and the rawness of lines and imperfect circles are welcoming.

We're excited because something just arrived yesterday and it was lovely as expected. Expect a feature about it pretty soon. :D

For now, enjoy the rest of week, I leave you with this:

In dedication to all my love for my friends and to the people who matter.

Much love,


To start off this week: A Random Thought

I really think it's just finding ways to improve yourself, and that eventually you have to move on to other things. For years, I have been seeking some kind of retribution, an answer to my complex mind. And it was only last week that i was able to find the answer. I didn't know how powerful that was till that 2 Saturdays ago, when I knew..with the right moment, the right people and a right mindset, anything is possible, anything can be done and done well.

Back then, I have stubbornly tried to go to where everybody else is going, while I preached about being different and unique. But I myself fear of being out of place again as I was in high school, and I clung to that insecurity without me even knowing it. But 2 weeks ago, I totally let myself go and just trust my collaborator, my partner and most of all, myself. With a little faith, a little focus and little kindness. It went by without a hitch. And it went beyond my expectations.

I love design, I love art and I love 'the scene'. But I am growing older, time will come that I want to try what else I can do. This is only the beginning of the many journeys I may make....But one thing that is true, wherever I will be, I would always want to come back and would always look for it in whatever I do.


Midweek Randomnities : Reminder to myself

I wrote this back in September 9, 2009, and I read it from time to time when I feel lost in myself and want to be reminded of why I do what I do.

Speak not of labels, of names or timeline of success and triumphs.

Let our works speak for themselves.

We are given the endless fount of creativity, to release what is within our souls, for it to be spoken and evoke emotion without the use of tongue or speech.

For if we truly believe that our works mean something, then let it stand and let it be.

Too much noise only hinder what we are suppose to be or what we're suppose to do.

Praises are welcomed, but criticism hold more value.

It is to determine the flow of intelligence and strangeness of preference and taste.

The strength of our soul translated to canvas.