Anticipate Weekend

Hay, days go by so fast. It's amazing.

So what's to look forward to this weekend?

An Art Fair at a beautiful park in the middle of the Makati CBD. A plethora of talent and unique merchandise awaits. Installations, bazaars and film showings galore.

Nihongo Fiesta at SM Mall of Asia. Shonen Knife will be playing! (My gas how long has it been since Banana Chips?) A Japanese Street Style Fashion Contest to be judged by Cecile Zamora-Van Straten and Jujin Samonte along with their Fashion Photography Exhibit curated by Team Manila. And more contests! Go here for more info.

Uhh....Pass. But for those with kiligness with John Cuenca, then this is for you. Mall of Asia, 6pm.

Quoting Chuvaness: "Can I just be a Manananggal for the day?"

Same here madam...same here.


Busy Bees

Midweek again.

How time flies so fast.

DG and I have been busy for the past weeks. We are moving to a new routine soon so we are extremely bustling about with meetings and some personal matters that needed taking care of.

What kept us busy:

- Our Day/Night Jobs: In our respective jobs, there are respective changes. But no worries, these changes are good. It keeps us busy and sane. Plus we feed off information from each other, so there is something new to learn everyday.

- Hitched Season: This is the year when our friends are getting engaged or married...one by one. On our end, we have stocked up on blazers, LBDs and formal shoes just so we are prepared. Last Saturday was a hoot...I had to buy a dress, a feathered fascinator headband, some formal shoes and the wedding gift at the mall, all those hours before the actual ceremony. I didn't bother to do the 'heavy make up' look anymore. Word of the wise: Never Panic Buy for a wedding.

- Drawing: I've been trying to spend some time OUTSIDE the laptop and just start drawing on pen and paper again. I bought some brush pens recently and the rawness of lines and imperfect circles are welcoming.

We're excited because something just arrived yesterday and it was lovely as expected. Expect a feature about it pretty soon. :D

For now, enjoy the rest of week, I leave you with this:

In dedication to all my love for my friends and to the people who matter.

Much love,


To start off this week: A Random Thought

I really think it's just finding ways to improve yourself, and that eventually you have to move on to other things. For years, I have been seeking some kind of retribution, an answer to my complex mind. And it was only last week that i was able to find the answer. I didn't know how powerful that was till that 2 Saturdays ago, when I knew..with the right moment, the right people and a right mindset, anything is possible, anything can be done and done well.

Back then, I have stubbornly tried to go to where everybody else is going, while I preached about being different and unique. But I myself fear of being out of place again as I was in high school, and I clung to that insecurity without me even knowing it. But 2 weeks ago, I totally let myself go and just trust my collaborator, my partner and most of all, myself. With a little faith, a little focus and little kindness. It went by without a hitch. And it went beyond my expectations.

I love design, I love art and I love 'the scene'. But I am growing older, time will come that I want to try what else I can do. This is only the beginning of the many journeys I may make....But one thing that is true, wherever I will be, I would always want to come back and would always look for it in whatever I do.


Midweek Randomnities : Reminder to myself

I wrote this back in September 9, 2009, and I read it from time to time when I feel lost in myself and want to be reminded of why I do what I do.

Speak not of labels, of names or timeline of success and triumphs.

Let our works speak for themselves.

We are given the endless fount of creativity, to release what is within our souls, for it to be spoken and evoke emotion without the use of tongue or speech.

For if we truly believe that our works mean something, then let it stand and let it be.

Too much noise only hinder what we are suppose to be or what we're suppose to do.

Praises are welcomed, but criticism hold more value.

It is to determine the flow of intelligence and strangeness of preference and taste.

The strength of our soul translated to canvas.


More Pictures, More Thanks

And it just kept coming.

The artwork in full frontal (sounds funny the way i said it...XD)

And yes, me and DG (I love this picture because it gives the illusion of 'thin'. hay.)

Thanks to Aliver for the wonderful fish eye photos.
(Check out his other stuff HERE)


It's Complicated....Order Through Chaos

Cat's out from the bag.

It's Complicated Valentines Exhibit is a success.

I am still reeling from the experience. But I would like to extend the many thanks to the people who came, Dark Gravity for being the supportive partner that I ever have and to Manix Abrera for being the most fun fun collab partner.

Thank you friends.


Fellow exhibitors.

And to the people who took the time to come and check out our humble little piece.

So here I present pictures (and various short snippets) for you guys. Pardon some of the crappy quality, I didn't have a camera at that time.

The great shots are from Melissa Rivera of Vgrafiks and Super Mikki

The piece itself.
Entitled: Tameme (Stun)

We decided the title on a whim. We wanted it to be simple and straight to the point.

Close Look at the Details

The idea was to convey complexity of relationships, feelings and mindset and how at some point, connects us all to each other.

Even Closer...

It was an equal division of labor. Manix constructed the tiny paper figures and cursive wire wordings, while I painted the canvas black, pasted the figures and drew silver elements around it.

A little description snippet beside the piece. :D

That little round red sticker became the highlight of our day. Oh wai?

Me and my collab partner Manix Abrera and Selena Salang of Ang Bandang Shirley who bought our piece.

.....'nuff said. Which explains the red sticker.

All in all, it was a great day.

The exhibit will run up to March 3, 2010. At the Pablo Gallery, Cubao Expo (Formerly known as Marikina Shoe Expo) at Cubao Quezon City.

Will post more pictures as time progressed. So these will do for now.

Much Love,



Long Live McQueen

Tonight, I was surfing through the net as I usually do and I came upon to one of my favorite haunts, Chuvaness' blog.

First thing that pops into my browser was this headline:

McQueen is Dead.

The British Fashion Icon committed suicide and is found dead today.

No words.

But this is a dark dark day for the fashion industry. At 40, he is just too young.

But his brilliance in his legacy will go on.

Good night. And RIP.


Midweek Randomnities : It's Complicated

For this Midweek Randomnities special...oh, it is so exciting.

You know how in our Friendster statuses, there is single, married, in a relationship and lastly, 'it's complicated'? How many people I have come across in their profiles that had their statuses up that way? Makes you wonder just how complicated their life is at the moment. And you wanted to pull up a chair and have a cuppa with that said person and maybe they might just spill what makes their hearts on a twist.

This Saturday though, we will not just offer a cuppa, but a whole shindig.

Poster by Tof Zapanta

Introducing It's Complicated, an exhibit where 7 pairs of artists, visionaries and poets (yes, including moi), will try to untangle the complications of the complicated heart. Beyond the candies, the roses and the proclamations of love. Various mediums of interpretations, symbolism and even mystery as they themselves will expose the inner recesses of their experience as the ones who loved and was loved.

This event is to be held at the Pablo Gallery, Cubao Expo. Opening at 7pm, with sounds by Jowee and Mon of Team Manila.


For this week...I am feeling

Yes, you heard it right.

One of the biggest frustrations that Dark Gravity and myself have, is fashion. The weather here in dear Manila is not exactly feasible for over the top layerings or experimentations due to the humidity or the erratic behavior that Mother Nature gets from time to time (or rather, make that ALL THE TIME). Let's face it, it is a challenge to be 'Fashyon' here, with the weather alone.

We admire people here who would go to the extreme to just dress the way they want to dress. But realistically, it can be a real pain in the butt to have to struggle in any form. Sure you may be wearing high heeled louboutins, mountainous headdresses with feathers, but my goodness, you're sweating up a storm or tripping over yourself.

Result: Poise FAIL. (please see below)

(picture courtesy of izismile.com)

We understand the pain we endure for style and fashion, but laid back as we are, we wanted our style to be taken into thought, but effortless all the same. We don't want to look boring, or be too extreme that it is almost impossible to walk in. It can be carried through accessories, like a hat, an interesting t-shirt or a nice blazer with a unique detailing.

So for this week, let's try to spice up your everyday work wardrobe. It may be a 9 to 5 humdrum normalcy routine, but I do believe in the power of feeling good. And taking that extra shine on your shoes or the whiff of a perfume, it can give you that extra boost that you need to meet this busy week. And who knows when you're going to meet some old friends or colleagues on a random errand?

We all know weekends are good. But we can meet this week the same way as we meet Fun Friday Nights, Chill Saturdays and Stay-in-Bed Sundays.

Hopping along to meet this New Week,



Anticipate Weekend!

Weekend's ALMOST ALMOST here!

It's been a real sweet first 5 days and a half of blogging in Sloppy Sharp. And first and foremost, we would like to extend our thank yous for the emails of support and welcome. We will continue to strive and bring you little wonders and discoveries that we come across in wonderful urban jungle of Manila, from our travels somewhere in the world or within the depths of the internet sea.

We are on our way to be the best people that we could be in the best way we know how. Our main purpose of starting this blog is to communicate, to reach out, to share. We wanted to inspire, connect and learn from others and hopefully you guys would also learn bits and pieces from us as well. That is the beauty of the internet, a plethora of resources, information, facts, fiction and interesting topics. To share and be shared. To know and be known.

We are still working our way around here in this virtual plot of land we plan to make our home, and we anticipate that there will be LOTS of things to change, things to add...things to subtract in the coming months. But that's what growth is all about. The only thing that is constant. Change. And in time, we hope to improve here and there, a nip or a tuck..all for the better.

This weekend, one of the projects is already in motion. And I am so excited to be part of it. It is a baby step in experimenting various mediums than from what I usually handle. I will update you on the progress and process once we have all the details, but the mere thought is already exciting.

This weekend is all about pursuing your plans, but don't forget to give your body the chill-out time it needs. I swear, there is just something about weekends, it magically gives us that extra boost of energy don't you think?

In closing, a random quote from a childhood friend:

"oh lord, if there's a chance given i would go forth and wear ribbons on my arms, feathers on my hair and long dresses with trains. So child, do not hesitate and just wear whatever makes you feel magical. f*ck those who think thinly....they're like those sandwiches that when you bite into them, there is barely no flavor...be the high-stacked-flavor filled sandwich. The world needs more of that."

Happy Weekend,


FTP (Favorite Track Power!) : Bachelors Of Science - Can't Let Go

New music care of my favorite Drum and Bass artists, Bachelors of Science as we greet this beautiful Thursday.

To know more about them, go their Official site: http://bachelorsofscience.com

To buy their new album, Warehouse Dayz, go HERE.

Thanks to Youtube.com and UnknownAFX

Weekend's almost here,


Midweek Randomnities #1

Feeling impatient for Friday to come by and you feel that this week is too slow? Well, here at Sloppy Sharp, we want to welcome you to...

This is the place where we feature flights of fancy and things that makes us go 'meep.' (well, for me anyway.) And offer you our own daily discoveries for the week, at least alleviate your midweek mood blues. You don't have to twiddle your thumbs for Friday to come. Just click and have fun. :)

- Japanese Street Style at its best : Dropsnap.jp

- Whatever happened to Race Diversity? A writer expressed her disbelief on the recent feature cover of Vanity Fair's "New Hollywood" Issue.

- Bachelors of Science released their new album "Warehouse Dayz" last December. In their official website they featured an album preview playlist, where each track contains a 2 minute snippet tune so you can experience their new stuff.

I am loving (so far):

Can't Let Go (Feat. Erica London)
Have You Ever Tried
25th Street
Match Point
Bombay Sapphire.

They also feature full length track playlists for every album they released by far. You have a choice to buy in Vinyl or Mp3, thru iTunes or Beatport...whichever floats your boat.

Go and have a quick listen

- Style and Relax is a fashion and lifestyle blog run by fellow ManileƱa, Lace Llanora. Here, she covers fashion shows, beauty products, wellness and outfit posts that documents her personal sense of style. Recently, she released Mommy Lace, a maternity and pregnancy blog based on her experience as an expecting mom-to-be with fellow blogger and life partner Azrael Coladilla. Congrats~!

- In lieu to this Chinese New Year, Bagaholicboy features a wonderful Tumi Tiger Luggage Tag, embossed with the tiger's silhouette and comes in the color of vibrant red. This will guarantee to bring in a prosperous and bright fortune for you.

- Keeping to my Black, White and Red obsession, hop over to Designer, Make Up Artist and Musician Amelia Arsenic's site for her out of this world fashion, beauty and style tips.

Keeping Alive this Midweek,


Write in Peace with Ommwriter

I found this little gem while reading through a couple of random articles, and somewhere, I spotted a random link which led me to this ditty, the Ommwriter.

It's started as a mini project born among the brilliant minds of Herraiz Soto and Co, a creative ad agency with a heavyweight clientele (Camper, Casio, BMW, IKEA and Labuat + Wii), for a simple mission: to create an internal tool that will allow people to veer away from the humdrum noise of emails, proposals, crazy thoughts and multitudes of meetings and stressful calls.

And be one with ourselves....and with our ideas.

Thus, the Ommwriter was born.

Not to be selfish, Herraiz Soto and Co decided to share it to the whole world by creating a beta site for us mere mortals to download and experience the wonders of therapeutic writing.

Once you download and open the app..as easy as one, two, three. The screen will immediately fade to white, revealing a pristine snowy white landscape.

Oh, a tip: You got to have your headset on when you'll be doing your writing on the Ommwriter, the soothing music helps you relax and can even encourage you to do your meditation.

The UI is clean and simple with minimal use of colors restricted to soft grays and pastel whites.

The icons and function buttons are out of sight as you type, but once you mouseover to the right side of the screen, that's when they appear.

And once you're done (either ranting or just doing zen writing), just save and close the application.

Easy peasy. :)

But as all things are, there are just a couple of setbacks :

- Their software system requires that it is a Mac OS X or higher and has to be an Intel-based Apple Computer. So no Ommwriter for Windows...for now.

- The document cannot be printed straight from the application. Once you save your work, it becomes a file that can be opened in TextEdit and you can either print from there or move it to MS Word.

But all in all, it's really a cool application when you're feeling stressed out and stumped. This is perfect for copywriters, writers, bloggers and journalists just wanting to take a breather in the middle of work. Even just opening the application and stare blankly at the pristine white screen, with music or no, it is indeed a little piece of peace in a world that is fast-paced and noisy.

Share the love by spreading this project to people who you think need to de-stress. The more, the merrier and the less chance for stress migraines. :)

Do let the people at Ommwriter know what you think and send a short (and sweet) note in their feedbacks section. Click HERE
to direct you to their contacts page.

And when you do write in Ommwriter, no need to edit in cold blood. Just let your mind wander and your words flow freely.

Happy Writing,