Working, Wishing and Waiting

I tend to forget the things I 'lust' for. Be it clothes, shoes, a gadget, accessories or a place I want to go. So. I decided to put together a short but sweet visual wish list that I can go back to and be reminded on the things I should be working for...and that I can tick it off once I finally (and I stress the word FINALLY) attain it.

This is actually another way for me to avoid impulse buy. (I'm looking at you Auntie Christel. Teehee.)

Yes, I'm OC that way. My birthday has already passed so this is like a list of things I would prolly work into through the year......or until I decided to make another list...

Did I mentioned I love black and white? Just saying.

(Click on the name of each item for more product information)

2 of the items listed are already obtained...am just waiting for the other one. But it's so exciting having to organize my thoughts for once..and get my spending in check. Retail Therapy is love.

Do you guys keep a wish list? And how dedicated are you in keeping it?



A.L.I.C.E. (All Loves Intimate Cake Eater)

I have always been weirded out on Disney's version of Alice in Wonderland, with all the cutesy, vintage, classic look that epitomizes the more simpler, prim and proper times. The fashion itself is the quintessential victorian conservative...aprons, full skirts and ribbons on hair. It was trippy in some areas, like with the caterpillar with a hookah and getting all high as evident by the shifting, twisting and warping of colors. The Red Queen of Hearts is just plain crazy. And I get a hoot just watching the Card Soldiers topple on each other.

Now, with Tim Burton's version, I am not weirded out by it...in fact, I am EXCITED by it. Woot.

Tim Burton has always been a favorite director of mine...and Johnny Depp's one of my favorite actors. I am always always excited when these two collaborate on a film together, it triggered a sense of urgency that I SHOULD watch it...no matter what.

Simple reason is because whatever Tim and Johnny are sniffing or drinking on, I want to get on it.

First, are the costumes. The fashion is goth and dark...the sets/environment is a mixture of acid and candy sweeten with absinthe. I love their take on Victorian fashion, sprinkled with Burton's trademark twist.

The characters are the usual misfits that Tim uses in his films...his muses, wife Helena Bonham Carter, friend and fellow artiste/friend Johnny Depp, along with a new PYT (pretty young thing) Mia Wasikowska, as the new and improved Alice. What surprised me is that Anne Hathaway is also cast in the film, as I have never seen her as the Tim Burton-ish film muse type. But hey, don't get me wrong, variety's good.

Oh, it's a visual feast just by looking at the trailers and posters, the casts are a hoot to watch and, knowing how Tim Burton tells a story, it will be a fun ride.

BUT what a PLUS PLUS coincidence that the day of the Alice in Wonderland Movie Philippines' Premiere is on March 4 2010, which is, coincidentally, the day of my Birthday..that makes it a double treat. So yes, this is one of the moments where I can have my cake and eat it too.

For more info, and a chance to WIN this wonderful, limited original replica of the White Rabbit's pocket watch as seen below:

Isn't it a beauty?

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That is, if the Mad Hatter don't get to it first.

Chasing the White Rabbit,