Working, Wishing and Waiting

I tend to forget the things I 'lust' for. Be it clothes, shoes, a gadget, accessories or a place I want to go. So. I decided to put together a short but sweet visual wish list that I can go back to and be reminded on the things I should be working for...and that I can tick it off once I finally (and I stress the word FINALLY) attain it.

This is actually another way for me to avoid impulse buy. (I'm looking at you Auntie Christel. Teehee.)

Yes, I'm OC that way. My birthday has already passed so this is like a list of things I would prolly work into through the year......or until I decided to make another list...

Did I mentioned I love black and white? Just saying.

(Click on the name of each item for more product information)

2 of the items listed are already obtained...am just waiting for the other one. But it's so exciting having to organize my thoughts for once..and get my spending in check. Retail Therapy is love.

Do you guys keep a wish list? And how dedicated are you in keeping it?


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