graphika manila 2010

Well, it's another year for Graphika Manila and it was awesome-sauce.

While it was my second time to host and facilitate the event, I was shaky and nervous like a leaf. You got to admit people, this year's crowd is MASSIVE. And the mere thought got me all jittery and have me breaking into cold sweat on and off. Luckily my co-host (and friend) Rico, is there to keep me calm...he is cooler and calmer than me, and to think it was his first time to host~! After the event, a lot of people asked if he's a DJ by profession....naku ah, may fans kaagad. XD

The speakers were wonderful, but I was particularly taken by Danny Yount. His incredible work got me all blown away. Part of that is because I see Patrick in him. The Work-ethic, mannerism, his personal history and even the way he just keeps to himself, choosing people he likes to interact/talk with him.

After his spiel, I managed to have a small chat with him along with Rico and expressed how I now fully understood what the boyfriend is going through. Haha you could say I had a fangirl moment, but it was more on expressing how I admire people like him and it made me realize that with or without a school degree, unless you allow yourself to IMMERSE in 'the craft' wholly and give your full dedication, you cannot and will not progress to where YOU WANT TO BE. The boyfriend once showed me his website a couple of months prior to the event and I can now say that he is, who he is. The epitome of SIMPLENG MALUPET.

Arnold and Cynthia Arre well all I can say about them is "Finally." Thanks for sharing your tips with us. You guys are incredibly sweet. And, may I stress.....I am so so glad Andong Agimat doesn't have those creepy eyes.

Phunk Studio are so cool..and I love their history. They combined their love for music and art and created a beautiful monster, and I wish them for another fulfilling 10 years. Rock and Roll all night and party everyday. I got all excited when I found out that they're the ones who did the opening title for MTV SCREEN back in MTV Asia early 2000's

Underground Logic made me remember the days of my freelance stints in advertising. Most of their spiel got me muttering: "Hay, i know how THAT feels."

Tara McPherson is a cutie. She looks just like her paintings. She is quirky to talk to and I'm glad I got to see her stuff up close. Her boyfriend is cool too...

Avid/Rocketsheep Post, what a way to cap off the speakers portion! He is all over the place, funny, energetic and even with a moment of technical booboo, he is just being his overly fun self. People gravitate toward him, and I look forward for Saving Sally (hopefully as soon as possible?).

It was a bummer nga lang that we had to cut off the Q&A portion...but we were lucky and we found questions from the audience that is 'tumpak' for all of the speakers. We were running out of time and we can only squeeze in so much. But it was good to hear from them on bits and snippets of their experiences. Hopefully next year, we will have a longer Q&A segment.

Apple iPad Grand Prize Giveaway: Epic Win. My cohost and I were floored when we saw the list of prizes that the organizers handed to us. And when we announced it, my gas.....the audience's energy just MULTIPLIED.

...Steve Jobs, you are such a pied piper...but THANK YOU.

To the lucky person who won it yesterday...I envy you.

I am glad and happy for the organizers for putting up such a great event. The people are incredibly supportive and cool to be with. It was wonderful seeing old friends and former coworkers who are just as equally supportive and excited to be in a place where like-minded and passionate people gather and share their experiences to us. Some we know, but most we learned from on that day alone. I can't wait for next year...and I hope it will only get better and better.

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