Busy Bees

Midweek again.

How time flies so fast.

DG and I have been busy for the past weeks. We are moving to a new routine soon so we are extremely bustling about with meetings and some personal matters that needed taking care of.

What kept us busy:

- Our Day/Night Jobs: In our respective jobs, there are respective changes. But no worries, these changes are good. It keeps us busy and sane. Plus we feed off information from each other, so there is something new to learn everyday.

- Hitched Season: This is the year when our friends are getting engaged or married...one by one. On our end, we have stocked up on blazers, LBDs and formal shoes just so we are prepared. Last Saturday was a hoot...I had to buy a dress, a feathered fascinator headband, some formal shoes and the wedding gift at the mall, all those hours before the actual ceremony. I didn't bother to do the 'heavy make up' look anymore. Word of the wise: Never Panic Buy for a wedding.

- Drawing: I've been trying to spend some time OUTSIDE the laptop and just start drawing on pen and paper again. I bought some brush pens recently and the rawness of lines and imperfect circles are welcoming.

We're excited because something just arrived yesterday and it was lovely as expected. Expect a feature about it pretty soon. :D

For now, enjoy the rest of week, I leave you with this:

In dedication to all my love for my friends and to the people who matter.

Much love,

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