To start off this week: A Random Thought

I really think it's just finding ways to improve yourself, and that eventually you have to move on to other things. For years, I have been seeking some kind of retribution, an answer to my complex mind. And it was only last week that i was able to find the answer. I didn't know how powerful that was till that 2 Saturdays ago, when I knew..with the right moment, the right people and a right mindset, anything is possible, anything can be done and done well.

Back then, I have stubbornly tried to go to where everybody else is going, while I preached about being different and unique. But I myself fear of being out of place again as I was in high school, and I clung to that insecurity without me even knowing it. But 2 weeks ago, I totally let myself go and just trust my collaborator, my partner and most of all, myself. With a little faith, a little focus and little kindness. It went by without a hitch. And it went beyond my expectations.

I love design, I love art and I love 'the scene'. But I am growing older, time will come that I want to try what else I can do. This is only the beginning of the many journeys I may make....But one thing that is true, wherever I will be, I would always want to come back and would always look for it in whatever I do.

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number one fan said...

hey origami dreams. I feel you on this one. Been pretty much on the same plane myself.

Its the beginning of metamorphosis. :P